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10 Road Trip Tips for budget & safe traveling

After several years of living in Italy and budget traveling I no longer ask myself how to travel safe and cheap, because I have a system of 10 lifehacks & road trip tips for budget traveling that will describe in this article for You:

1st Trip Tip: Plan your budget traveling several months before the date of departure, but not always

10 Road trip tips for budget traveling safe

I mean that spontaneity, in my case, should exist in everything, but basic things should be planned. 

For example, if someone will give me a ticket for two days of all-inclusive with an obligation to depart this evening, very probably I will say YES. 

If it will be only a ticket, but other expenses are on me – I will think about it, and if I understand that economically it will create discomfort for me, I will say NO.

Till I don’t get such kind of a gift, I prefer to schedule my trips. If it is only a two days vacation and low-cost tickets can be found easily, I can plan such a trip a couple of days before departure.

If it is a long-distance several day journey – it should be planned 1-3 -6 months before departure.

It would help if you had this time not only because you have to insert your week holiday in your personal/job timetable. Normally, interesting offers (flight+hotel, tour, museum event) you need to search, check and book some months before. Just to avoid overpayment or rush.

2nd Trip Tip: Safe your travel budget on the Tickets 

10 Road trip tips for budget traveling safe

Mostly all of us use search aggregators to find a reasonable price for a flight. I was surprised when with my partner, we were checking the same flight at the same moment, but the same aggregator showed us different prices. 

So, if you are planning a trip and are patient and curios, try to use different devices or “incognito” mode if you’re searching from your browser.

And don’t forget to use good aggregators like:

3rd Trip Tip: Budget traveling should be comfortable.

10 Road trip tips for budget traveling safe

There are several services I use when searching for a hotel. Interestingly, sometimes, if you search for a flight together with a hotel, the final price may be much lower than if you search separately.


Also, my advice is to check cashback service like:

It may give you the possibility to save not only on the booking but also on any other kind of shopping.

If you are going to visit North Europe and need a low-cost accommodation, you can search for a room, bed or coach here:

4th Trip Tip: Transfer from an airport to your hotel should exist.

10 Road trip tips for budget traveling safe

When you travel – don’t forget to do a little research. You need to know how to get from the airport to a hotel. It is effortless to forget about it, especially when you choose a flight!

I mean, for example, I don’t have a driver’s license, and in one city, I had a night flight. But I forgot to check HOW I will go back from the city to an airport. There were two options – pay an extra 60€ for a taxi or wait inside an airport half of a night… Well, I had to wait inside… 

After that experience, I’d better pay 10-20€ extra for a ticket but in a comfortable time.

5th Trip Tip: Know well how will you move around the city.

10 Road trip tips for budget traveling safe

First: Download on your smartphone a Google Map of a city where you go, in case if you won’t have an internet connection.

Second: Here you will need this list of different city passes (because most of them have a public transport ticket included)

CITY PASS for USA cities link

City CardEurail Passholder PriceBenefitsWebsite
Barcelona Card€45-> €41.5075 attractions, 45 additional
Bordeaux City Card€29-> €26.1020 attractions, 27 additional
Bergen Card€27-> €21.6057 attractions, 17 additional
Berlin Welcome Card€19.90 -> €17.40200 attractions, 1 additional benefit
Bratislava Card€15-> €1241 attractions, 71 additional
Brussels Card€26-> €22.1042 attractions, 26 additional
Frankfurt Card€10.50-> €944 attractions, 12 additional
French Rivera Pass (Nice)€26-> €23.4051 attractions, 15 additional
Ljubljana Card€24.30-> €19.4418 attractions, 9 additional
Lyon City Card€24-> €15.5025 attractions, 28 additional
Marseille City Pass€26-> €22.1011 attractions, 6 additional
Nantes Pass€25-> €12.5026 attractions, 7+ additional
NÜRNBERG CARD€25-> €22.5040 attractions, 1 additional
Porto. CARD€6-> €4.50170 benefits and
Segovia’s Friends€3-> FreeBrochure provided with the
Salzburg Card€24-> €21.6029 attractions, 41 additional
Valencia Tourist Card€15-> €12.2539 attractions, 87 additional

6th Trip Tip: What & where to eat. Think of your stomach.

10 Road trip tips for budget traveling safe

When you arrive in the town the first thing to find – is a supermarket, and remember that they may close not at the same time as in your country. 

Find out about it everything before it may be too late (for example holidays, x-mas, easter, national holidays… they may be closed or have a short day these days). 

In Berlin, for X-mas 2019, for example, we found only ONE Japanese store opened. In the whole city. Holy noodles…

Also, you will need an app – TripAdvisor 

Restaurants, bars, cafes – TripAdvisor

7th Trip Tip: Be Smart in choosing the attractions

10 Road trip tips for budget traveling safe

The same advice as for supermarkets.

If it is your first time in the city – use the information on the site of an all-in-one passcard you have bought + TripAdvisor.

Usually, companies who sell passes create great offers. Still, there is a possibility that in a Tourist Office in the city directly (often they have it in the Capital Cities) you will find something interesting for this exact period.

8th Trip Tip: Places/habits/things to avoid. Just be careful, not a fool.

10 Road trip tips for budget traveling safe

More on South or East you go, you will meet more traditional society, so if you are a curious person, study this question before departure to a specific area.

Furthermore, each city has some neighborhood that is better to avoid in the night time – inform yourself if you are going to walk around until late at night.

9th Trip Tip: SIM-card, taxi & emergency numbers. Be ready for everything.

10 Road trip tips for budget traveling safe

The last essential tip – find out what tariff has your provider and if what – buy a new sim-card directly in an airport or a central train station.

Emergency & taxi numbers usually can give you any receptionist or a flat owner. 

10th Trip Tip: Just charge it!

10 Road trip tips for budget traveling safe

Charge all your power banks, take several of them with you. Charge all your devices and put them in an external pocket on your backpack. You need to take it out on airport safety control fast.

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