5 things you NEED to know about Rome public transport

Finally, you are in Rome, but you still need to get tickets to move around in the Rome public transport. There are several things you better know before you arrive in the Eternal city.

1 – You will have to pay anyway

It doesn’t matter what type of transport you will choose to get from the airport to the city, for everything you will have to pay apart.

To get from/to the airport, you can:

  • by city Shuttle bus from Tiburtina Station (Cotral);
  • by another Shuttle bus (more correct to call it Motorcoach) with Terranova from Termini Station;
  • by the regular city train;
  • by express train Leonardo (link is here)

You can NOT use a public transport ticket, or a RomaPass ticket to get to the airport.

2 – Special all-in-one card is not a budget thing

But still, a traditional and the ONLY official Rome card is ROMA PASS that gives you the possibility to use all public transport in Rome and visit lots of attractions in Rome.

Although it costs minimum “only 32€,” you get some additional options with that card like a visit to Villa Borghese included that may save you 15€. It is an excellent deal! (don’t forget to book an appointment)

For reservations to the Borghese Gallery and/or Domus Romane/Palazzo Valentini, please call +39 06 32810 (open Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 6:00 pm – Saturdays, 9:00 am to 1:00 pm) or send an email to romapass@tosc.it. The booking fee is free.

Bookings can be made directly from the visitor’s home country, even before purchasing the card.

For reservations by email, booking confirmations will be provided within 48 hours.
It is highly recommended to book at least 10 days in advance.

3 – Want to visit Villa D’Este (Tivoli) – pay apart 

When first time I wanted to visit a famous Villa D’Este, I had to change a train.

At that moment, I still didn’t speak Italian well, so the controller on the train didn’t fine me but offered to get off and buy a ticket at the station. But it was a stroke of pure luck. Otherwise, it could be a fine of 50€.

By the way, to join a fantastic view from the Tivoli train, you need to take a train from Tiburtina or Termini.

But if you want just to get there fast – take a bus from Ponte Mammolo (line B) metro station. A ticket is for a COTRAL bus, it cost about 2€.


4 – Ticket for 24/48/72 H or 7 days?

Ok, the answer is obvious – it depends on how long you will stay here in Rome.

Don’t forget that all long-term tickets you can get or in a vending machine, or in a ticket office.

DO NOT BUY TICKETS ON TERMINI… or at least try not to.

Right now, on each metro station is installed at least ONE NTFC card reader that gives you a possibility to pass through using a CONTACTLESS payment method (your credit card, guarantee worked with Mastercard)

Well, the central train station is full of “helpers” who also can rob you. They are very annoying and unpleasant.

My advice – buy all the metro tickets you need while you are at the airport (you will see a Tourist Office directly after you go out of a luggage zone). 

Just remember Italy and Technology are very far from each other. So, just buy everything BEFORE you need it. 

5 – Validate it ALWAYS!

Especially on the train, because if you won’t – you will be fined for 50€. 

How does it work?

When you get a 100 min ticket for the metro, you can also take a train inside Rome. But you should validate it validator machine on the station, and it looks like this:


You put your ticket inside, closer to a left border, and it will automatically stamp a station’s name, time, and date.

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