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Italy after COVID-19. How did it begin. My story.

After 2 months of a lockdown, I’m very tired of sitting at home, so I finally got out to the city several times. The idea is to find good material to create videos, podcasts, and blog posts.

People are slowly returning to a more acceptable rhythm of life. Now it is not clear what will be the new norm. But thanks God we don’t need anymore a permission to go out!

How did it all begin?

If you want to know the answer – go and watch this video down here.

At the time of confirmation of the first cases of infection, no one was worried. Shops worked, as usual, events were held, and politicians from TV screens claimed that everything was under control. The healthcare system in Italy was able to cope with such problems. Well, the mentality of people in this country also played a cruel joke on them.

In late February in Milan, it comes out a social spot, “Italy will not stop!”. It was like a confirmation of their slightly childish, but very Italian emotional reaction.


The provocateur who had launched that spot was the mayor of Milan Giuseppe Sala.

That happened precisely when the government began requiring all bars and restaurants to start to reduce crowding, limit working hours, and maintain distance.

After that spot has appeared in socials – the people tumbled onto the streets with renewed vigor.

The groups of citizens began to gather demonstratively for aperitifs. The governor of the Lazio region, concurrently the president of the ruling party, Nicola Zingaretti, participated in one of the “meetings” like that.

On March 7, his diagnosis of COVID-19 was confirmed.

On the same day, several regions of Italy became the “red zone.”

Having represented a particular region as a “red zone” means the communication routes – air, railway, buses will be automatically closed.
Remember that internal migration is highly developed in Italy!

That means that those who came to the North of Italy to work, but who live in the southern part, from now on can not return home for an indefinite time.

For Italians, especially southern ones, communication with friends and relatives is a vital element of their identity.

Some times classical Italian mother does not let her son go till he’s 40 years old. And often parents and children live in the same building. Or at least in the same neighborhood.

If children go study or work in another city or, worse, in another region, this is a trauma for the whole family.

Hence the internal rejection of social distancing and a biased attitude, for example, to Germans or Russians. Until the first informal communication, of course.

This was all said to ensure that what happened next becomes a little clearer.

After all, with a difference of two days, Italy became “the red zone.”

Why we became a RED ZONE so fast?

Because everyone who had relatives in the South decided to “wait out” the local quarantine not in Milan but to turn back home.

The transport communication between the cities was not cut off right from the moment of signing the decree. Since the text did not explicitly indicate that it was necessary to stop the railway communication between the regions, everything was working.

On the night of 7 to March 8, trains from the North were super crowded, and in the morning, crowds lined up on platforms. On that day, March 8, all the newspapers were full of headlines, “Great Escape to the South.”

It was such irresponsible behavior of the population that provoked total quarantine. Already on the evening of March 9, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte signed a decree declaring “quarantine” everywhere in the Republic. Temporarily. For a month. Then it was renewed again. As we already know, until May 4.

How has the lifestyle of all of Italy changed during and after quarantine?

In the first weeks, people “stayed alert,” arranged various flash mobs. They sang songs for mutual support of spirit. Every evening at 18 or 19 o’clock, they went out. They applauded to the doctors who were protecting the population from this terrible infection.

Who could – switched to work on the distance. Who could not – just waited for the end of this lockdown.

The first government decree of March had the instructions to close all types of activities, except for those vital. Also, large industries, although they were limited, worked.

In Italy, permission to work have had supermarkets, credit organizations, pharmacies, hardware stores, companies providing postal services (mail and private courier services)

May 4, we finally can go out. That is why I decided to start to make a travel vlog.

I’m tired of sitting home, and I understand that Italy sometimes is not easy to understand to a person who comes to have just a 2-3 day vacation.

I hope that soon it will be possible to travel as easy as it was before a pandemic.

My Video about it:

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