what to do when bored at home alone

What to do when you are bored as … #stayhome

Well, when I’ve asked Google about “what to do when you are bored,” it has shown me a significant number of different articles like 10/25/….100 things to do when bored… gush seak…

If they would be useful then maybe I wouldn’t start to write my own.

Let me explain one thing. Right now I’m in Italy, Rome. Yup. The center of today’s pandemic in Europe.

And to be honest, I’ve already felt all “pleasure” of staying at home.

Nothing very positive. But still, my mind has found something positive.

I should explain that I’ve already had an experience of self-isolation.

Well, in the year 2013, when I’ve moved to Italy, I had a burn-out. I was trying to run away from my internal problems, also changing a country.

But maybe a year after I arrived here I had a period when I had lost any interest in going out to the street. I need to admit that fortunately, at that moment, I moved from an apartment to a room in a small wooden house “Villa” with several places. It was a student village. So it was a very green place close to a river Tevere, and I found that it had fathered a very healing effect on my stressed brain.

But that strange period when I wasn’t interested in the external life of our village, unlike today, was not so prolonged in time. Maybe a couple of weeks. And there were days I could lay on the bad for several hours. I was listening to silence, birds, and a river.

And another difference – at this exact moment, when I’m writing this, I’m not depressed.

We all know why we can’t go out. COVID-19 is somewhere there, etc

But how could you get not bored after several weeks of isolation? Still a question.

When Google showed me one to-do list, in his opinion, the most appropriate, I was surprised by the date of a publication. Guys, it was 2015! I will comment on this list in my podcast, surely.

As a person mentally survived after a month of isolation, I can state that sometimes a person needs a very long time to start to do something he or she probably SHOULD do.
Our mind today needs time to chew and split out that mental chewing gum it is surrounded.

I’m sure that if You read this, you have already tried everything you could. At least you think so.

#1 Be Active.

I suggest you give more sense from now on to everything you do.
For example, clean a house and put everything in order. If you have already done it and probably think that this suggestion is not appropriate. Well…


Try to analyze it using a Feng-Shui. You can google it. And you will understand what do I mean.

#2 Learn.

Learning it’s like mental fitness. But it means not only YouTube tutorials. Because after the first three-four weeks, you may already complete all courses from YouTube or at least all that part of classes that you could be interesting for you.

Here are some useful and famous enough educational platforms:

  • UDEMY (click to visit)– the world-known educational platform with online courses for everyone
  • edX (click to visit) – is the open-source platform – exist since 2012. University-level online classes for free. Very interesting to check.
  • Coursera (click to visit) – this platform proposes you neither online courses for 39$ nor master degree for more than 20K$

Probably in one of the future articles I will analyze more interesting educational platforms for you

Focus yourself on a hobby for a while. This period is a possibility to improve your skill and make a step from hobby-level to an almost-professional level.

I hope this article encouraged you to go through this with maximum benefit for yourself.

Leave your comments below, tell me about your experience.

If you think that this article may be interesting to someone you know, share it, please!
Doing this helps me to develop this blog and motivate me to write more!

See you later!

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